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A Brief Family History

1. Christopher Reynolds, the first known of the Reynolds family was born 1530, in County Kent, England. He married and settled in London, where he and his sons engaged in trade and commerce. A study of early English records indicate that he had a brother Nathaniel Reynolds, also engaged with his company. He had a sister Dorothy, who married William Tilghman (Tillman) who was a son of Julian Tilghman. The record of the Tilghman family is available in the D.A.R. library and the Library of Congress. The names of the children of Christopher and his wife are known completely. They are as follows, but are not listed in order of birth. George; Christopher; Mary; John; Thomas; Richard, born 1575; Robert; William; and several daughters.

2. George Reynolds, a son of Christopher Reynolds, was born 1555, County Kent, England, and died 1634, London England; married 1/20/1588. At Thomaslyn Church, and settled in London and elsewhere his data was partially his will. His children settled in Virginia. The New England States. His children are: Thomas and John, twins; born 1590; Robert, born 1586; Anne; Christopher, born 1611; and several others.

3. Christopher Reynolds, son of George, born 1611, Gravesend, England, and died 1654, Isle of Wright County, Virginia. Married Elizabeth ???. Data is from his will. They arrived Warrick Co. Va. in 1622 on a ship called the "Francis and John". They settled there on 450 acres, patent to which was made 9/15/1636. Their children: Richard born 1641; Christopher B: 1642; John born 1644, died 3/11/1668. Abbasha B: 1646; Elizabeth B: 1648; Jane B: 1650; Thomas B: 1655.

4. Richard Reynolds, son of Christopher, born : 1641, Isle of Wright Co. Virginia. died 7/27/1711. Newport Parrish, Va. Data from his will. Married Elizabeth Sharpe. His children: Richard, born: 1669: Christopher, born, 1670; and Sharpe, died 7/8/1754

5. Richard Reynolds, son of Richard, born, 1669 of Wright Co. Va. He was married in 1694, to Mary Anderson, and settled in King William Co. Va. Cildren: William; James, born 1715; Thomas born 1716; David born 1720; and Barbara married 1/20/1748.

6. James Reynolds, son of Richard, born 1715, Surry Co. Va. He was married in 1748, to Sukie Lindsey and settled in Caroline Co. Va. Children: Richard Spencer, born 1749; George, born 1750; Jesse David, born 1754; David; Robert; William; Bernard, born 11/12/1763


7. Richard Spencer Reynolds, son of James, born 1749, Caroline Co. Virginia. died: 1787 Wilkes Co. Georgia. He served in the Revolutionary war, with Henderson's Company of the Virginia State Line. He married Sarah ???. Children: Rachel, married 1779, THomas Matthews; Thomas b: 1766. Garland, born, 1768; JOseph, born 1770; George; Elijah, born 1774married 1801, Nancy Jones born, 1783; Benjamin Franklin; Richard. Elizabeth; Spencer; John; Greensby; born 1786; Matthew; Dorothy; and Mary.

8. Richard Reynolds son of Richard Spencer Reynolds, born 1770 or 1772. He married Elizabeth McLemire, in Owsley Co. Kentucky, He died in 1885.

9. Pleasant Reynolds son of Richard Reynolds, and Elizabeth Naomi Maclemira born 1791, married 24 April 1813, in Owsley Co. Kentucky. He married Rebecca Henderson. born, 1795. She died 13 Sept. 18??. Pleasant Reynolds died 2 June 1850. Pleasant Reynolds served in the War of 1812, in Captain David Garrards Company, 2nd Kentucky Infantry. Rebecca Reynolds applied for a widows pension, and received 8 dollars a month, commencing February 14, 1871. She also did apply for bounty land. Her death had to be later than 1871. Children: Moses, married, Nancy Stapleton; Wesley, married Nancy Moore; Richard, married Icy Frost (2) Rachel Moore; Henry, married Isabel Moore; Joseph, married Esther Morris; Elias; Lewis; Thomas married Elizabeth McCollum.

10. Wesley Reynolds, son of Pleasant Reynolds and Rebecca Henderson, born 4/15/1816. in Owsley County ky. died, 5/20/1886, was married to Nancy Moore. They lived their entire lives on Cow reek, and are buried on top of a mountain on their farm. Children: Meredith; Gilbert; Leander; Pauline; Mary Jane; Martha, married Andrew Jackson Combs; Elizabeth; Emeline; Lucy; Jaley.

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