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A Brief Family History

How we all got here...

1. Our family began with Richard Combe Lord of Combe Manor in Devonshire. He was born in 1537 and died in 1619.
Note for Richard Combe: Richard was a member of the Draper's Company(Guild)He had 5 sons Joseph 1555, William 1560, Austen 1563, Richard 1566, and John 1567.

2. John Combe he was born on Mar. 10, 1567. He died in 1640. He was married to a Margaret Archdale.

3. John Combs born 1589-1675. Arived in Jamestown Virginia on ship Marigold. born in Yorkshire, England and died in Middlesex, Virginia. He was married to Elizabeth Willis, Sarah Cuthbertson, and Margaret Archdale. John had Archdale, Abraham, William, and John.

4. Archdale Combs 1625 Rappahanneck County, Virginia to 1692 Richmond Virginia. Married to Elizabeth Butler. I also have Mary Moseley written down here. Archdale had William and John.

5. John Combs. 1662 King George County, Virginia to 1715 Richmond, Virginia Married to Anne Mason and to Hannah Tutt. I have Hannah Tutt as our grandmother. By Anne Mason John had Joseph, Elizabeth, and Archdale. By Hannah Tutt he had Judith, Sarah, Agnes, Mary, and Mason.

6. Mason Combs born 1714 Caroline County, Richmond Virginia. died 1785 in Surry County North Carolina. Married to either Sarah Anne Nelson or Sarah Anne Richardson. (She was probably married twice so I'm unsure about maiden name)
Mason and Sarah had John, Josiah, Nicholas, William, Ann, Sarah, Mason, Winnie, and Wilmot

7. John Combs born 1733 in Caroline County, Virginia Died in 1818-1819 in Perry County, Kentucky. Maried to Nancy Harding daughter of Henry Harding and Neilmoth George. John and Nancy had George, Biram, Daughter, Mason, William, Nicholas, Henry Harrison, Elijah, and John.
Note for John Combs: Fought in American Revolution.

8. Mason Combs born 1755 in Warren County, Virginia he latter died in Perry County, KY. He was married to Jennie Jane Richardson. Mason and Jennie had Tabitha, Rebecca, Sarah, Wilmouth, Nancy, Washington, Tarleton, Preston, Napoleon, Massengill, and Clinton.
Note for Mason: one of the original 8 Combs Bros. who founded Hazard.

9. Preston Combs was born in 1804 in KY 10 he died on Oct 7, 1877 In Breathitt County. He was married to Nancy Stacy daughter of Benjamin Stacy and Barbara Combs. Preston and Nancy had Clabourn, Buonaparte, ANdrew, Mason, Chistina, Preston, Elizabeth, Sira, Joeseph, Tarleton, and William.

10. Sira Combs. Born 1824 in Perry County and died (unknown) although I'm sure he did. Sira was married to Mary Roberts and also took up with Polly Caudel. Mary and Polly were cousins. He was having children by both of them at the same time.

It is not known if Sira divorced Polly Roberts prior to living with and
having children with Polly Caudill. In one census the two are listed as
being next door or in sequence, He is listed with Polly Roberts and her
children while Polly Caudel is listed with her children. Later Polly Caudel
is in Lee County with Sira. But later in life Sira is listed with son Buddy
and wife Polly he 84 and she 85. Polly Caudel was aT LEAST 10 YEARS younger
than Sira. Polly Caudel was the neice of Polly Roberts. Marie Case Crain.

Sira had these children by Mary Roberts. Clayborne, Tarleton, Andrew Jackson, Jemima, Ferina, Sira, Clarinda, Joeseph, Celia, and Mahalia

By Polly Caudel, Lucy, Benjamin Franklin, Sira, Rachel, Elizabeth, Samuel, Allen, and Lucinda.

Note for Sira: Fought in the Mexacan War.

11. Andrew Jackson Combs born Oct. 24, 1843 and died on September 23, 1895. He was married to Martha Reynolds. They had Tarleton, Sidney, Leander, Wesley, Meridith, James, Gilbert, Henry Clay, Polly Anderson, and Lucille Banks.

Note for Andrew Jackson: Fought in the state guards during civil war, later mined Ore for the Fitchburg Furnace in Estill County, and finally became a blacksmith and made wagons for a living.

12.  Meridith Combs married Manerva Jane Reynolds.  They had Chester, Luly, Elbert, Stella, Rachel, Nettie, and Sherman Combs.
13.  Chester Combs married Alice Baker and they had Ruford, William, Joeseph Combs Jr., Winford, May Peters, and Stanley
14.  Ruford Combs married Hazel Frost and they had Gene, Lula Belle Lutes, Lola Faye Chowning, Donna Ruth Flynn, Mary Ann Fields, and Glendon Combs
15.  Glendon Combs Married Shirley Faye Alexander and they had Steven Combs
16.  Steven Combs this sites webmaster married Ashley Beth Hamilton.

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