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Hello and Welcome to Combs.
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The Combs Name

A Brief Family History

The Home of Andrew Jackson

Trip to Tyner

The Furnaces of Estill County

10 Children Celebrate with Grandma Combs


Land Granted to Syra Combs

An Eastern Star

Shakspere and the Combses

John Combs Gravesite Marked

Rowland's Chapel School

Lower Buffalo School House

Thru The Years

Tarleton Combs

Henry Combs

Grover C. Combs

Earnest Combs

Earle Bryan Combs

Gov. Bert T. Combs

The echandgs0 Logo

A Family Picture

Top Row: Tarleton, Leander, Mary (Polly) Anne Anderson.
Middle Row: Sidney, Gilbert, Wesley, Lucille Banks, Meridith.
Bottom Row: James, Martha Reynolds, Henry Clay
All Combses

Favorite Family Photos

Favorite Family Photos 2

The Combs Farm Equipment

Combs Records

The Old Home Place

this is the house my grandfather Ruford Combs built and lived in. Ruford is the s/o Chester s/o Meridith s/o Andrew Jackson